Adonis Lounge Palm Springs Gay Strip Club

On July 21, 2016, Adonis Lounge L.A. had the incredible opportunity to partner with Chill Bar in Palm Springs, CA to officially debut and premiere Adonis Lounge, the #1 Gay Strip Show in the country, expanded to the folks in Palm Springs. In so doing we have uniquely branded this show and company expansion as bringing the “Dicks to the Desert,” which we now do every Thursday night at Chill Bar in Palm Springs.

This has been quite a journey since our humble beginnings in L.A. just over 3 years ago, but with a lot of hard work within and with continued support from all of you, our customer base and friends, we have been extremely fortunate in being able to build and grow the Adonis Lounge shows to the point where expansion to other cities has become a developing reality. Palm Springs was the logical next progression as we have been working the past few years to build a support base and presence in this lovely resort city and the response throughout this period has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to bring Adonis Lounge “Dicks to the Desert” every Thursday night now for the benefit and enjoyment of all in Palm Springs and the neighboring areas. As always, we will continue providing the top tier entertainment, talent and hottest guys anywhere in the country, as has become the Adonis Lounge standard, importing them into Palm Springs for your overall viewing, interactive and lap dance enjoyment. Adonis Lounge has built its reputation by also discovering new and undiscovered talent, as well as by providing tremendous headliners, special guest stars, porn stars, bodybuilders and other TOP talent from around the country and the world. Expect all that and even more at the Palm Springs shows.

As a matter of fact, we’ve even upped the ante by implementing some actual costumed/themed strip acts into the Palm Springs shows to further increase the entertainment for those nights in the desert! You can now enjoy costumed strip acts at the shows to further fulfill those wildly vivid dreams and fantasies of hot guys undressing for you and being accessible at your very own fingertips, palms, hands and well, you get the idea.

We look forward to bringing you Adonis Lounge “Dicks to the Desert” shows every Thursday night at Chill Bar so come on over and keep coming back! Please contact us directly at to be added to our private email list for all invites, updates, dancer lineups, special events, private party invites and Palm Springs / L.A. show information.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you at the shows!

– Matt